6. Graphtik Changelog

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GitHub Releases


v10.4.0 (9 Oct 2020, @ankostis): CWD, callbacks non-marshalled, preserve concat index-names

  • FEAT(compose): a current-working-document given when defining operation prefixes its non-root dependencies as jsonp expressions.

  • feat(plot): color as “pink” any Nones in the results, to facilitate identification of operations returning nothing, by mistake, or non-produced implicits. Include “shape” when printing vectors (np-arrays and data-frames).

  • refact/feat(exe): the argument to callbacks now contains the results; replace OpCb class with pre-existing _OpTask (now publicized).

    • Calllbacks are now called from solution context, before marshalling.

  • ENH(solution): preserve index/column names when concatenating pandas (workaround https://github.com/pandas-dev/pandas/issues/13475, to be fixed with pandas-v1.2).

    • feat: sol.update() supports jsonps, and applies them grouped, to avoid resolving paths repeatedly.

  • doc(api): add forgotten jsonpointer module; updated module-dependencies diagram

graphtik-v10.4.0 module dependencies

v10.3.0 (21 Sep 2020, @ankostis): CONCAT pandas, Hierarchical overwrites, implicit(), post-cb

  • FEAT(solution+jsonp)): can extend in place pandas (dataframes & series) horizontally/vertically with pandas concatenation. Usefull for when working with Pandas advanced indexing. or else, sideffecteds are needed to break read-update cycles on dataframes.

    • fix(jsonp): set_path_value() should have failed to modify object attributes (but not mass-updated, utilized by accessors).

  • FEAT/fix(solution): overwrites work properly for non-layered solutions.

    • refact: dropped _layers solution-attribute, role passed to (existing) executed.

  • FEAT(execution): support also post-callbacks.

  • FEAT/DROP(modifier): added x3 new modifiers, vcat() and hcat(), (and respective accessors), implicit() – dropped never-used accessor modifier.

  • FEAT: parse string explicitly passed in jsonp=... argument in modifiers.

  • feat(modifier+fnop): keep just the last part of a keyword+jsonp dependency, to save an explicit conversion (jsonps are invalid as python-identifiers).

  • break(modifier+fnop): forbid implicit term:sfxed – hard to find a solid use-case, pure sfx would be preferable in that case.

  • fix: forbid aliasing implicits – they wouldn’t work anyway.

  • enh(compose): check for node type collisions (i.e. a dependency name clashing with some operation name).

v10.2.1 (18 Sep 2020, @ankostis): plot sol bugfix

  • FIX(PLOT): passing simple dictionaries into plot(solution=...) were crashing.

  • enh(plot): use also a different label (not only format) to distinguish sfx/sfxed in plots.

v10.2.0 (16 Sep 2020, @ankostis): RECOMPUTE, pre-callback, drop op_xxx, ops-eq-op.name, drop NULL_OP

Should have been a “major” release due to x2 API-BREAKs not that important.

  • FEAT(pipeline+execution): add term pre_callback to be invoked prior to computing each operation (see pre_callback arg in Pipeline.compute()).

  • FEAT(pipeline+plan): can recompute modified solutions, partial or complete – The recompute_from=<dep / list-of-deps> argument has been added to Pipeline.compute(), Pipeline.compile() & Network.compile() methods.

  • REFACT/break(OP): replace badly-specified public attributes op_needs & op_provides with private FnOp._user_needs & FnOp._user_provides – now it must be easier to inherit Operation anew (but) UNTESTED :-().

    • refact: don’t crash of operations lacking rescheduled, marshalled etc attributes.

  • ENH(OP):Operation.name and name string compare equal – that is, dictionaries of operations, such as Solution.executed, can be indexed with their names (note, they didn’t equal by accident).

    • REFACT: move FnOp.__hash__()/__eq__() up, to Operation class.

  • FEAT/break(pipeline): replace NULL_OP operation a new compose(excludes=..) argument, in order to delete existing operations when merging pipelines.

  • FIX(PLAN): compile cache was ignoring(!) the state of the eviction flag.

  • FIX(execution): solution copy() was crashing (for 9 months till now).

  • ENH(plot): make all nodes “filled” to facilitate hovering for tooltips.

  • fix(plot): “overwrite” tooltip was written “overridden”.

  • fix(plan): bug when printing a list of “unsolvable graph” error-message.

  • FIX(TEST): exemethod fixture’s exe_method was always empty when interrogated for deciding “xfail”s.

  • enh(build): pin black version, changes in format affect commits.

  • doc(parallel): Deprecate(!), but just in docs, in favor of always producing a list of “parallelizable batches”, to fed to 3rdp parallelizing executors.

  • doc(execution+fnop): Mark mark execution.task_context as unstable API, in favor of supporting a specially-named function argument to receive the same instances.

  • doc(site+doctests): use greek letters in algebraic formulas AND dependencies.

v10.1.0 (5 Aug 2020, @ankostis): rename return-dict outs; step number badges

FEAT(op): keyword() modifier can rename outputs of a returns dictionary function.

  • fix: rescheduled function err-msg were listing wrong missing provides.

  • enh: err-msg did not list returns-dict mismatches.

  • ENH(plot): add number badges on operations & data nodes to denote execution order; theme show_steps=False can hide them;

    • feat: data-nodes are Graphviz HTML-ized to support badges.

  • break(fnop): do not accept operations without any provides - they were pruned before, but it is better to fail asap.

    • fix/break: clip extra data from a returns dictionary function - previously, full-eviction assertion was kicking.

  • enh(plan): why operations are pruned is now explained in the plan & the plot tooltips.

  • fix(plan): ExecutionPlan.validate() may be called with no args, and uses the compiled ones.

    • enh: suggest mode of action on the error message, when graph has cycles; top-sort nodes only once, and report them to jetsam (see below).

    • doc: enhance existing tutorial section to explain compilation.

  • feat(jetsam): pipeline was not collected, till now.

    • FEAT: items can be accessed as jetsam attributes (helpful for interactive REPLs).

    • ENH: don’t “catch” exception, use try-finally with ok flag instead, not to corrupt the landing position of a post-mortem debugger.

    • feat: now collecting also pruned_dag, op_comments, sorted_nodes while compiling.

    • revert: stop logging every jetsam item on each salvaging point, not to flood logs (which had been introduced in the previous release).

    • refact: move into own module.

  • fix(SphinxExt): catch top-level errors that if occurred, message and stack trace were lost.

  • doc: list anti-features (when to avoid using this lib).

v10.0.0 (19 Jul 2020, @ankostis): Implicits; modify(); auto-name pipelines; plot data as overspilled

  • FEAT: new implicit modifier doing a better job than sfx().

  • FEAT(pipeline): auto-derive name from enclosing function.

  • BREAK/fix(modifier): rename modifier jsonp => modify(); parameter jsonp=False now works.

  • FEAT(jspoint): descend object attributes were disabled before.

  • ENH(modifier): privatize all fields (str with foreign attributes interact badly with 3rdp libs).

  • ENH(plot): stackable tooltips; now data nodes kind and state is fully explained there.

    • enh: split jsonp data nodes in separate lines forming a tree.

    • enh: label overspill data-node’s shapes.

    • enh: theme-stack now expands any callables in keys or whole kv-pairs.

    • feat: show_chaindocs=False them attribute now hides even subdoc relationships (edges).

    • fix: various fixes & enhancements (“canceled” were misattributed, update legend, infective user 'graphviz.xxx" attributes, plotting no-edge diagrams)

  • enh(planning): explained why nodes were pruned in DEBUG logs.

  • enh(jetsam): exception-annotated contents accessed also as attributes.

  • doc(debug) improve instructions.

  • enh(tests): check library also with DEBUG logging level.

v9.3.0 (8 Jul 2020, @ankostis): Sphinx AutoDocumenter; fix plot sfx-nodes

  • FIX/FEAT(SPHINXEXT): so far, operation()-annotated module functions were excluded from generated sites. Until the installed autodoc function-documenter was instructed how to render the wrapped function in place of the wrapping FnOp:

    • fix(fnop, pipeline): wrapped function attributes are conveyed to wrapping FnOp.

  • FIX(plot): sideffect templates were left broken by recent privatization of modifier fields; add x2 Jinja-filters encapsulating the access to these fields.

  • fix(op): fully fake callables by attaching a __qualname__ property on operations; also teach func_name() not to choke if __qualname__ missing.

v9.2.0 (4 Jul 2020, @ankostis): Drop MultiValueError

Delayed raising of needs errors hindered debug.

v9.1.0 (4 Jul 2020, @ankostis): Bugfix, panda-polite, privatize modifier fields

  • BREAK(modifier): privatize all _Modifier properties; it is uncanny for a str to have more public attributes.

  • fix: avoid equality checks on results, to avoid pandas notorious “The truth value of a Series/DataFrame is ambiguous.”

  • break(plot): Rename theme property include_steps => show_steps.

  • feat(plot): new theme property show_chaindocs by default false, that when enabled, plots all nodes in the subdoc hierarchy (even if those not used as deps), like this:

    pipeline.plot(theme={"show_chaindocs": True})
  • fix(plot): returns-dictionary op-badge had broken url.

v9.0.0 (30 Jun 2020, @ankostis): JSONP; net, evictions & sfxed fixes; conveyor fn; rename modules

  • FEAT(modifier): Dependencies with json pointer path that can read/write subdocs (e.g. nested dicts & pandas).

    • feat(config): added set_layered_solution() into configurations which when True (or jsonps in the network if None (default)) all results are stored in the given inputs to the pipeline (this may become the regular behavior in the future).

    • feat(modifier, solution): +modifier with accessor functions to read/write Solution.

    • doc: new section Hierarchical data and further tricks putting together all advanced features of the project in a “Weekly task runner”.

  • BREAK/REFACT: modules and objects renamed:





    func: modifiers.fn_kwarg






    class: op.FunctionalOperation


  • FEAT(op): default identity_function() acting as conveyor operation.

  • FIX(NET, EXECUTION): discovered and fixed bugs in pruning, evictions and rescheduling with overwrites, while testing new jsonp modifier; rely on dag alone while pruning (and not digging into op needs/provides).

    • Dupe Evictions of pruned output were deliberately & wrongly consolidated, while it is possible to need to evict repeatedly the same out from multiple ops providing it.

    • Less aggressive prune-isolated-data permits SFX not to be asked explicitly, and behave more like regular data. Now For certain cases, the more specific error “Unreachable out” gets raised, instead of the too generic “Unsolvable graph”.

    • Prune-by-outputs was ignoring given inputs, chocking on computation cycles that were possible to avoid!

  • DROP(net): _EvictionInstruction class was obscuring modifier combinations, and it didn’t make sense any more, being the only instruction.

  • FEAT(ops, pipelines, net, sol): unified Plottable.ops() utility properties.

  • ENH: Error reporting:

    • enh(op, pipe): fail earlier if no function/name given when defining operations and pipelines.

    • enh(op): when GRAPHTIK_DEBUG var defined, any errors during inputs/needs matching are raised immediately.

    • enh: improve tips & hints in exception messages; log past executed operations when a pipeline fails.

  • DOC(op): table explaining the differences between various dependency attributes of FnOp.

    Differences between various dependency operation attributes:

    dependency attribute


















    • “dupes=no” means the collection drops any duplicated dependencies

    • “SINGULAR” means sfxed('A', 'a', 'b') ==> sfxed('A', 'b'), sfxed('A', 'b')

    • “STRIPPED” means sfxed('A', 'a', 'b') ==> sfx('a'), sfxed('b')

  • enh(op, pipe): restrict operation names to be strings (were collection.abc.Hashable).

  • feat(modifier): public-ize modifier_withset() to produce modified clones – handle it with care.

  • feat(doc): Add new section with most significant Features of this project.

  • fix(travis): update pytest or else pip-install chokes with pytest-coverage plugin.

  • enh(pytest): add --logger-disabled CLI option when running TCs, as explained in pytest-dev/pytest#7431.

  • refact(tests): split big test/test_graphtik.py TC file into multiple ones, per functionality area (features).

v8.4.0 (15 May 2020, @ankostis): subclass-able Op, plot edges from south–>north of nodes

  • ENH(pipe): nest all Ops (not just FnOps), dropping FnOp dependency in network code, to allow for further sub-classing Operation.

  • FIX(pipeline): due to a side-effect on a kw dictionary, it was mixing the attributes of earlier operations into later ones while merging them into pipelines.

  • REFACT(solution): facilitate inheriting Solution by extracting :meth:` .Solution._update_op_outs` into a separate method.

  • refact(pipe): move build_net() –> back to pipeline module, dropping further network.py–>pipeline.py mod-dep.

  • enh(plot): StyleStack-ize data-io shape selection into separate theme-able dicts.

  • DOC(exe, plotting): task-context section in Debugger

v8.3.1 (14 May 2020, @ankostis): plot edges from south–>north of nodes

  • ENH(plot): have all the link-edges between data and operations route out and into the same point on the nodes (src: south, dst: north). Distinguish needs edges from provides with a “dot”.

v8.3.0 (12 May 2020, @ankostis): mapped–>keyword, drop sol-finalize

  • BREAK: rename mapped --> keyword, which conveys the mot important meaning.

  • DROP Solution.finalized() method – has stopped being used to reverse values since sfxed have been introduced (v7+).

  • doc(modifiers): explain diacritic symbols of dependencies when in printouts.

v8.2.0 (11 May 2020, @ankostis): custom Solutions, Task-context

  • FEAT(exe): compute() supports custom Solution classes.

  • FEAT(exe): underlying functions gain access to wrapping Operation with execution.task_context.

v8.1.0 (11 May 2020, @ankostis): drop last plan, Rename/Nest, Netop–>Pipeline, purify modules

  • DROP(pipeline): After solution class was introduced, last_plan attribute was redundant.

  • ENH(op): Rename & Nest operations with dictionary or callable.

  • FEAT(pipeline): NO_RESULT_BUT_SFX token can cancel regular data but leave sideffects of a rescheduled op.

  • REFACT: revert module splits and arrive back to base.py, fnop.py & pipeline.py, to facilitate development with smaller files, but still with very few import-time dependencies.

    Importing project composition classes takes less than 4ms in a fast 2019 PC (down from 300ms).

  • FIX(plot): updated Legend, which had become outdated since v6+.

  • fix(modifiers): dep_renamed() was faking sideffect-renaming only on repr() (but fix not stressed, bc v8.0.x is not actually released).

  • enh(pipe): accept a dictionary with renames when doing operation nesting (instead of callables or truthies).

  • refact(op): force abstract Operation to be Plottable.

  • enh(modifiers): add _Modifier.cmd with code to reproduce modifier.

v8.0.2 (7 May 2020, @ankostis): re-MODULE; sideffect –> sfx; all DIACRITIC Modifiers; invert “merge” meaning

–((superseded immediately v8.0.1 & v8.0.2 with more restructurings)))–

  • BREAK: restructured netop && network modules:

    • BREAK: stopped(!) importing config top-level.

    • BREAK: network module was splitted into execution which now contains plan+solution;

    • BREAK: unified modules op + netop –> :mod`.composition`.

    • DOC: module dependencies diagram in API Reference; now x60 faster import composition from 300ms –> 5ms.

  • BREAK: sideffect modifier functions shortened to sfx() & sfxed().

    • FEAT: +Sideffected varargish – now sideffected fully mirror a regular dependency.

    • ENH: change visual representation of modifiers with DIACRITICS only.

    • refact(modifiers): use cstor matrix to combine modifier arguments; new utility method for renaming dependencies dep_renamed() (usefull when Nesting, see below).

    • ENH: possible to rename also sideffects; the actual sideffect string is now stored in the modifier.

  • BREAK/ENH: invert “merge” meaning with (newly introduced) “:term:”nest <operation nesting>`”; default is now is merge:

    • FEAT: introduce the NULL_OP operation that can “erase” an existing operation when merging pipelines.

    • ENH: compose(..., nest=nest_cb) where the callback accepts class .RenArgs and can perform any kind of renaming on data + operations before combining pipelines.

    • doc: “merge” identically-named ops override each other, “nest” means they are prefixed, “combine” means both operations.

    • DOC: re-written a merge-vs-nest tutorial for humanity.

  • DROP(op): parent attribute is no longer maintained – operation identity now based only on name, which may implicitly be nested by dots(.).

  • ENH(plot): accept bare dictionary as theme overrides when plotting.

  • doc: fix site configuration for using the standard <s5defs> include for colored/font-size sphinx roles.

v8.0.0, v8.0.1 (7 May 2020, @ankostis): retracted bc found more restructurings

–((all changes above in b8.0.2 happened actually in these 2 releases))–

v7.1.2 (6 May 2020, @ankostis): minor reschedule fixes and refactoring

Actually it contains just what was destined for v7.1.1.

  • FIX(op): v7.0.0 promise that op.__call__ delegates to compute() was a fake; now it is fixed.

  • fix(config): endurance flags were miss-behaving.

  • refact(net): factor out a _reschedule() method for both endurance & rescheduled ops.

  • feat(build): +script to launch pytest on a local clone repo before pushing.

v7.1.1 (5 May 2020, @ankostis): canceled, by mistake contained features for 8.x

(removed from PyPi/RTD, new features by mistake were removed from v7.1.2)

v7.1.0 (4 May 2020, @ankostis): Cancelable sideffects, theme-ize & expand everything

%3 graphtik-v4.4+ flowchart cluster_compute compute operations operations compose compose operations->compose network network compose->network compile compile network->compile ●graph inputs input names inputs->compile outputs output names outputs->compile predicate node predicate predicate->compile plan execution plan compile->plan ●pruned dag execute execute plan->execute ●dag solution solution execute->solution ●solution dag values input values values->execute solution->solution ●prune dag on reschedule

Should have been a MAJOR BUMP due to breaking renames, but just out of another 6.x –> 7.x major bump.

NET: fix rescheduled, cancelable sfx, improve compute API

  • FIX: rescheduled operations were not canceling all downstream deps & operations.

  • FEAT: Cancelable sideffects: a reschedules operation may return a “falsy” sideffect to cancel downstream operations.

    • NO_RESULT constant cancels also sideffects.

  • ENH(OP): more intuitive API, compute() may be called with no args, or a single string as outputs param. Operation’s __call__ now delegates to compute() - to quickly experiment with function, access it from the operation’s FnOp.fn attribute

MODIFIERS: modifier combinations, rename sol_sideffects

  • BREAK: renamed modifiers sol_sideffect --> sideffected, to reduce terminology mental load for the users.

  • ENH: support combinations of modifiers (e.g. optional sideffects).

  • REFACT: convert modifiers classes –> factory functions, producing _Modifier instances (normally not managed by the user).

PLOT: them-ize all, convey user-attrs, draw nest clusters, click SVGs to open in tab, …

  • ENH: Theme-ize all; expand callables (beyond Refs and templates).

  • BREAK: rename Theme.with_set() –> Theme.withset().

  • break: pass verbatim any nx-attrs starting with 'graphviz.' into plotting process (instead of passing everything but private attributes).

  • break: rename graph/node/edge control attributes:

    • _no_plot --> no_plot.

    • _alias_of --> alias_of.

  • FEAT: draw combined pipelines as clusters

  • enh: corrected and richer styles for data nodes.

  • enh: unify op-badges on plot with diacritics in their string-representation.

  • ENH(sphinxext): clicking on an SVG opens the diagram in a new tab.

  • fix(sphinxext): don’t choke on duplicate :name: in graphtik directives.

  • fix(sphinxext): fix deprecation of sphinx add_object() with note_object().

Various: raise TypeErrors, improve “operations” section

  • break: raise TypeError instead of ValueError wherever it must.

  • DOC(operations): heavily restructured chapter - now might stand alone. Started using the pipeline name more often.

  • doc: use as sample diagram in the project opening an “endured” one (instead of an outdated plain simple on).

  • doc: renamed document: composition.py --> pipelines.py

v7.0.0 (28 Apr 2020, @ankostis): In-solution sideffects, unified OpBuilder, plot badges

  • BREAK: stacking of solution results changed to the more natural “chronological” one (outputs written later in the solution override previous ones).

    Previously it was the opposite during execution while reading intermediate solution values (1st result or user-inputs won), and it was “reversed” to regular chronological right before the solution was finalized.

  • FEAT(op, netop): add __name__ attribute to operations, to disguise as functions.

  • BREAK(op): The operation() factory function (used to be class) now behave like a regular decorator when fn given in the first call, and constructs the FnOp without a need to call again the factory.

    Specifically the last empty call at the end () is not needed (or possible):

    operation(str, name=...)()

    became simply like that:

    operation(str, name=...)
  • DROP(NET): _DataNode and use str + modifier-classes as data-nodes;

MODIFIERS: Sideffecteds; arg–> mapped

  • BREAK: rename arg –> mapped`, which conveys the correct meaning.

  • FEAT: Introduced :term`sideffected`s, to allow for certain dependencies to be produced & consumed by function to apply “sideffects, without creating “cycles”:

    • feat(op): introduce _fn_needs, op_needs & op_provides on FnOp, used when matching Inps/Outs and when pruning graph.

    • FEAT(op): print detailed deps when DEBUG enabled.

PLOT: Badges, StyleStacks, refact Themes, fix style mis-classifications, don’t plot steps

  • ENH: recursively merge Graphviz-styles attributes, with expanding jinja2-template and extending lists while preserving theme-provenance, for debugging.

  • BREAK: rename class & attributes related to Style --> Theme, to distinguish them from styles (stacks of dictionaries).

  • UPD: dot no plot Steps by default; use this Plot customizations to re-enable them:

  • FEAT: now operations are also plottable.

  • FEAT: Operation BADGES to distinguish endured, rescheduled, parallel, marshalled, returns_dict.

  • FIX: Cancel/Evict styles were misclassified.

  • feat(plot): change label in sol_sideffects; add exceptions as tooltips on failed operations, etc.

  • enh: improve plot theme, e.g. prunes are all grey, sideffects all blue, “evictions” are colored closer to steps, etc. Add many neglected styles.

Sphinx extension:

  • enh: Save DOTs if DEBUG; save it before…

  • fix: save debug-DOT before rendering images, to still get those files as debug aid in case of errors.

  • fix: workaround missing lineno on doctest failures, an incomplete solution introduced upstream by sphinx-doc/sphinx#4584.


  • BREAK: rename context-manager configuration function debug –> debug_enabled.

  • FEAT: respect GRAPHTIK_DEBUG for enabling is_debug() configuration.


v6.2.0 (19 Apr 2020, @ankostis): plotting fixes & more styles, net find util methods

  • PLOT:

    • DEPRECATE(plot): show argument in plot methods & functions; dropped completely from the args of the younger class Plotter.

      It has merged with filename param (the later takes precedence if both given).

    • ENH: apply more styles on data-nodes; distinguish between Prune/Cancel/Evict data Styles and add tooltips for those cases (ie data nodes without values).

    • DROP: do not plot wth splines=ortho, because it crashes with some shapes; explain in docs how to re-enables this (x2 ways).

    • FIX: node/edge attributes were ignored due to networkx API misuse - add TCs on that.

    • FIX: Networks were not plotting Inps/Outs/Name due to forgotten namedtuple._replace() assignment.

    • feat: introduce _no_plot nx-attribute to filter out nodes/edges.

  • ENH(base): improve auto-naming of operations, descending partials politely and handling better builtins.

  • FEAT(net): add Network.find_ops() & Network.find_op_by_name() utility methods.

  • enh(build, site, doc): graft Build Ver/Date as gotten from Git in PyPi landing-page.

v6.1.0 (14 Apr 2020, @ankostis): config plugs & fix styles

Should have been a MAJOR BUMP due to breaking renames, but…no clients yet (and just out of to 5.x –> 6.x major bump).

  • REFACT/BREAK(plot): rename installed_plotter --> active_plotter.

  • REFACT/BREAK(config): denote context-manager functions by adding a "_plugged" suffix.

  • FEAT(plot): offer with_XXX() cloning methods on Plotter/Style instances.

  • FIX(plot): Style cstor were had his methods broken due to eager copying them from its parent class.

v6.0.0 (13 Apr 2020, @ankostis): New Plotting Device…

–((superseded by v6.1.0 due to installed_potter –> active_plotter))–


    • REFACT/BREAK: plots are now fully configurable with plot theme through the use of installed plotter.

    • ENH: Render operation nodes with Graphviz HTML-Table Labels.

    • ENH: Convey graph, node & edge (“non-private”) attributes from the networkx graph given to the plotter.

    • FEAT: Operation node link to docs (hackish, based on a URL formatting).

    • Improved plotting documentation & +3 new terms.

  • FIX: ReadTheDice deps

  • drop(plot): don’t suppress the grafting of the title in netop images.

v5.7.1 (7 Apr 2020, @ankostis): Plot job, fix RTD deps

  • ENH(PLOT): Operation tooltips now show function sources.

  • FIX(site): RTD failing since 5.6.0 due to sphinxcontrib-spelling extension not included n its requirements.

  • FEAT(sphinxext): add graphtik_plot_keywords sphinx-configuration with a default value that suppresses grafting the title of a netop in the images, to avoid duplication when graphtik:name: option is given.

  • enh(plot): URL/tooltips are now overridable with node_props

  • enh(sphinxext): permalink plottables with :name: option.

  • enh(plot): pan-zoom follows parent container block, on window resize; reduce zoom mouse speed.

v5.7.0 (6 Apr 2020, @ankostis): FIX +SphinxExt in Wheel

All previous distributions in PyPi since sphinx-extension was added in v5.3.0 were missing the new package sphinxext needed to build sites with the .. graphtik:: directive.

v5.6.0 (6 Apr 2020, @ankostis, BROKEN): +check_if_incomplete

–((BROKEN because wheel in PyPi is missing sphinxext package))–

  • feat(sol): + Solution.check_if_incomplete() just to get multi-errors (not raise them)

  • doc: integrate spellchecking of VSCode IDE & sphinxcontrib.spelling.

v5.5.0 (1 Apr 2020, @ankostis, BROKEN): ortho plots

–((BROKEN because wheel in PyPi is missing sphinxext package))–

Should have been a major bump due to breaking rename of Plotter class, but…no clients yet.

  • ENH(plot): plot edges in graphs with Graphviz splines=ortho.

  • REFACT(plot): rename base class from Plotter --> Plottable;

  • enh(build): add [dev] distribution extras as an alias to [all]. doc: referred to the new name from a new term in glossary.

  • enh(site): put RST substitutions in rst_epilog configuration (instead of importing them from README’s tails).

  • doc(quickstart): exemplify @operation as a decorator.

v5.4.0 (29 Mar 2020, @ankostis, BROKEN): auto-name ops, dogfood quickstart

–((BROKEN because wheel in PyPi is missing sphinxext package))–

  • enh(op): use func_name if none given.

  • DOC(quickstart): dynamic plots with sphinxext.

v5.3.0 (28 Mar 2020, @ankostis, BROKEN): Sphinx plots, fail-early on bad op

–((BROKEN because wheel in PyPi is missing sphinxext package))–

  • FEAT(PLOT,SITE): Sphinx extension for plotting graph-diagrams as zoomable SVGs (default), PNGs (with link maps), PDFs, etc.

    • replace pre-plotted diagrams with dynamic ones.

    • deps: sphinx >=2; split (optional) matplolib dependencies from graphviz.

    • test: install and use Sphinx’s harness for testing site features & extensions.

  • ENH(op): fail early if 1st argument of operation is not a callable.

  • enh(plot): possible to control the name of the graph, in the result DOT-language (it was stuck to 'G' before).

  • upd(conf): detailed object representations are enabled by new configuration debug flag (instead of piggybacking on logger.DEBUG).

  • enh(site):

    • links-to-sources resolution function was discarding parent object if it could not locate the exact position in the sources;

    • TC: launch site building in pytest interpreter, to control visibility of logs & stdout;

    • add index pages, linked from TOCs.

v5.2.2 (03 Mar 2020, @ankostis): stuck in PARALLEL, fix Impossible Outs, plot quoting, legend node

  • FIX(NET): PARALLEL was ALWAYS enabled.

  • FIX(PLOT): workaround pydot parsing of node-ID & labels (see pydot#111 about DOT-keywords & pydot#224 about colons :) by converting IDs to HTML-strings; additionally, this project did not follow Graphviz grammatical-rules for IDs.

  • FIX(NET): impossible outs (outputs that cannot be produced from given inputs) were not raised!

  • enh(plot): clicking the background of a diagram would link to the legend url, which was annoying; replaced with a separate “legend” node.

v5.2.1 (28 Feb 2020, @ankostis): fix plan cache on skip-evictions, PY3.8 TCs, docs

  • FIX(net): Execution-plans were cached also the transient is_skip_evictions() configurations (instead of just whether no-outputs were asked).

  • doc(readme): explain “fork” status in the opening.

  • ENH(travis): run full tests from Python-3.7–> Python-3.8.

v5.2.0 (27 Feb 2020, @ankostis): Map needs inputs –> args, SPELLCHECK

  • FEAT(modifiers): optionals and new modifier mapped() can now fetch values from inputs into differently-named arguments of operation functions.

    • refact: decouple varargs from optional modifiers hierarchy.

  • REFACT(OP): preparation of NEEDS –> function-args happens once for each argument, allowing to report all errors at once.

  • feat(base): +MultiValueError exception class.

  • DOC(modifiers,arch): modifiers were not included in “API reference”, nor in the glossary sections.

  • FIX: spell-check everything, and add all custom words in the VSCode settings file .vscode.settings.json.

v5.1.0 (22 Jan 2020, @ankostis): accept named-tuples/objects provides

  • ENH(OP): flag returns_dict handles also named-tuples & objects (__dict__).

v5.0.0 (31 Dec 2019, @ankostis): Method–>Parallel, all configs now per op flags; Screaming Solutions on fails/partials

  • BREAK(NETOP): compose(method="parallel") --> compose(parallel=None/False/True) and DROP netop.set_execution_method(method); parallel now also controlled with the global set_parallel_tasks() configurations function.

    • feat(jetsam): report task executed in raised exceptions.

  • break(netop): rename netop.narrowed() --> withset() toi mimic Operation API.

  • break: rename flags:

    • reschedule --> rescheduleD

    • marshal --> marshalLED.

  • break: rename global configs, as context-managers:

    • marshal_parallel_tasks --> tasks_marshalled

    • endure_operations --> operations_endured

  • FIX(net, plan,.TC): global skip eviction\s flag were not fully obeyed (was untested).

  • FIX(OP): revamped zipping of function outputs with expected provides, for all combinations of rescheduled, NO_RESULT & returns dictionary flags.

  • configs:

    • refact: extract configs in their own module.

    • refact: make all global flags tri-state (None, False, True), allowing to “force” operation flags when not None. All default to None (false).

  • ENH(net, sol, logs): include a “solution-id” in revamped log messages, to facilitate developers to discover issues when multiple netops are running concurrently. Heavily enhanced log messages make sense to the reader of all actions performed.

  • ENH(plot): set toolltips with repr(op) to view all operation flags.

  • FIX(TCs): close process-pools; now much more TCs for parallel combinations of threaded, process-pool & marshalled.

  • ENH(netop,net): possible to abort many netops at once, by resetting abort flag on every call of Pipeline.compute() (instead of on the first stopped netop).

  • FEAT(SOL): scream_if_incomplete() will raise the new IncompleteExecutionError exception if failures/partial-outs of endured/rescheduled operations prevented all operations to complete; exception message details causal errors and conditions.

  • feat(build): +``all`` extras.

  • FAIL: x2 multi-threaded TCs fail spuriously with “inverse dag edges”:

    • test_multithreading_plan_execution()

    • test_multi_threading_computes()

    both marked as xfail.

v4.4.1 (22 Dec 2019, @ankostis): bugfix debug print

  • fix(net): had forgotten a debug-print on every operation call.

  • doc(arch): explain parallel & the need for marshalling with process pools.

v4.4.0 (21 Dec 2019, @ankostis): RESCHEDULE for PARTIAL Outputs, on a per op basis

  • [x] dynamic Reschedule after operations with partial outputs execute.

  • [x] raise after jetsam.

  • [x] plots link to legend.

  • [x] refact netop

  • [x] endurance per op.

  • [x] endurance/reschedule for all netop ops.

  • [x] merge _Rescheduler into Solution.

  • [x] keep order of outputs in Solution even for parallels.

  • [x] keep solution layers ordered also for parallel.

  • [x] require user to create & enter pools.

  • [x] FIX pickling THREAD POOL –>Process.


  • FIX(NET): keep Solution’s insertion order also for PARALLEL executions.

  • FEAT(NET, OP): rescheduled operations with partial outputs; they must have FnOp.rescheduled set to true, or else they will fail.

  • FEAT(OP, netop): specify endurance/reschedule on a per operation basis, or collectively for all operations grouped under some pipeline.


    • feat(netop): new method Pipeline.compile(), delegating to same-named method of network.

    • drop(net): method Net.narrowed(); remember netop.narrowed(outputs+predicate) and apply them on netop.compute() & netop.compile().

      • PROS: cache narrowed plans.

      • CONS: cannot review network, must review plan of (new) netop.compile().

    • drop(netop): inputs args in narrowed() didn’t make much sense, leftover from “unvarying netops”; but exist ni netop.compile().

    • refact(netop): move net-assembly from compose() –> NetOp cstor; now reschedule/endured/merge/method args in cstor.


    • Network:

      • feat: +marshal +_OpTask

      • refact: plan._call_op –> _handle_task

      • enh: Make abort run variable a shared-memory Value.

    • REFACT(OP,.TC): not a namedtuple, breaks pickling.

    • ENH(pool): Pool

    • FIX: compare Tokens with is –> ==, or else, it won’t work for sub-processes.


      • +4 tags: parallel, thread, proc, marshal.

      • many uses of exemethod.

  • FIX(build): PyPi README check did not detect forbidden raw directives, and travis auto-deployments were failing.

  • doc(arch): more terms.

v4.3.0 (16 Dec 2019, @ankostis): Aliases

  • FEAT(OP): support “aliases” of provides, to avoid trivial pipe-through operations, just to rename & match operations.

v4.2.0 (16 Dec 2019, @ankostis): ENDURED Execution

  • FEAT(NET): when set_endure_operations() configuration is set to true, a pipeline will keep on calculating solution, skipping any operations downstream from failed ones. The solution eventually collects all failures in Solution.failures attribute.

  • ENH(DOC,plot): Links in Legend and Architecture Workflow SVGs now work, and delegate to architecture terms.

  • ENH(plot): mark overwrite, failed & canceled in repr() (see endurance).

  • refact(conf): fully rename configuration operation skip_evictions.

  • REFACT(jetsam): raise after jetsam in situ, better for Readers & Linters.

  • enh(net): improve logging.

v4.1.0 (13 Dec 2019, @ankostis): ChainMap Solution for Rewrites, stable TOPOLOGICAL sort

%3 graphtik-v4.1.0 flowchart cluster_compute compute operations operations compose compose operations->compose network network compose->network compile compile network->compile inputs input names inputs->compile outputs output names outputs->compile predicate node predicate predicate->compile plan execution plan compile->plan execute execute plan->execute solution solution execute->solution values input values values->execute

  • FIX(NET): TOPOLOGICALLY-sort now break ties respecting operations insertion order.

  • ENH(NET): new Solution class to collect all computation values, based on a collections.ChainMap to distinguish outputs per operation executed:

    • ENH(NETOP): compute() return Solution, consolidating:

    • drop(net): _PinInstruction class is not needed.

    • drop(netop): overwrites_collector parameter; now in Solution.overwrites().

    • ENH(plot): Solution is also a Plottable; e.g. use sol.plot(...)`.

  • DROP(plot): executed arg from plotting; now embedded in solution.

  • ENH(PLOT.jupyter,doc): allow to set jupyter graph-styling selectively; fix instructions for jupyter cell-resizing.

  • fix(plan): time-keeping worked only for sequential execution, not parallel. Refactor it to happen centrally.

  • enh(NET,.TC): Add PREDICATE argument also for compile().

  • FEAT(DOC): add GLOSSARY as new Architecture section, linked from API HEADERS.

v4.0.1 (12 Dec 2019, @ankostis): bugfix

  • FIX(plan): plan.repr() was failing on empty plans.

  • fix(site): minor badge fix & landing diagram.

v4.0.0 (11 Dec 2019, @ankostis): NESTED merge, revert v3.x Unvarying, immutable OPs, “color” nodes

  • BREAK/ENH(NETOP): MERGE NESTED NetOps by collecting all their operations in a single Network; now children netops are not pruned in case some of their needs are unsatisfied.

    • feat(op): support multiple nesting under other netops.

  • BREAK(NETOP): REVERT Unvarying NetOps+base-plan, and narrow Networks instead; netops were too rigid, code was cumbersome, and could not really pinpoint the narrowed needs always correctly (e.g. when they were also provides).

    • A netop always narrows its net based on given inputs/outputs. This means that the net might be a subset of the one constructed out of the given operations. If you want all nodes, don’t specify needs/provides.

    • drop 3 ExecutionPlan attributes: plan, needs, plan

    • drop recompile flag in Network.compute().

    • feat(net): new method Network.narrowed() clones and narrows.

    • Network() cstor accepts a (cloned) graph to support narrowed() methods.

  • BREAK/REFACT(OP): simplify hierarchy, make Operation fully abstract, without name or requirements.

    • enh: make FnOp IMMUTABLE, by inheriting from class:.namedtuple.

  • refact(net): consider as netop needs also intermediate data nodes.

  • FEAT(#1, net, netop): support pruning based on arbitrary operation attributes (e.g. assign “colors” to nodes and solve a subset each time).

  • enh(netop): repr() now counts number of contained operations.

  • refact(netop): rename netop.narrow() --> narrowed()

  • drop(netop): don’t topologically-sort sub-networks before merging them; might change some results, but gives control back to the user to define nets.

v3.1.0 (6 Dec 2019, @ankostis): cooler prune()

  • break/refact(NET): scream on plan.execute() (not net.prune()) so as calmly solve needs vs provides, based on the given inputs/outputs.

  • FIX(ot): was failing when plotting graphs with ops without fn set.

  • enh(net): minor fixes on assertions.

v3.0.0 (2 Dec 2019, @ankostis): UNVARYING NetOperations, narrowed, API refact

  • Pipelines:

    • BREAK(NET): RAISE if the graph is UNSOLVABLE for the given needs & provides! (see “raises” list of compute()).

    • BREAK: Pipeline.__call__() accepts solution as keyword-args, to mimic API of Operation.__call__(). outputs keyword has been dropped.


      Use Pipeline.compute() when you ask different outputs, or set the recompile flag if just different inputs are given.

      Read the next change-items for the new behavior of the compute() method.

    • UNVARYING NetOperations:

      • BREAK: calling method Pipeline.compute() with a single argument is now UNVARYING, meaning that all needs are demanded, and hence, all provides are produced, unless the recompile flag is true or outputs asked.

      • BREAK: net-operations behave like regular operations when nested inside another netop, and always produce all their provides, or scream if less inputs than needs are given.

      • ENH: a newly created or cloned netop can be narrowed() to specific needs & provides, so as not needing to pass outputs on every call to compute().

      • feat: implemented based on the new “narrowed” Pipeline.plan attribute.

    • FIX: netop needs are not all optional by default; optionality applied only if all underlying operations have a certain need as optional.

    • FEAT: support function **args with 2 new modifiers vararg() & varargs(), acting like optional() (but without feeding into underlying functions like keywords).

    • BREAK(yahoo#12): simplify compose API by turning it from class –> function; all args and operations are now given in a single compose() call.

    • REFACT(net, netop): make Network IMMUTABLE by appending all operations together, in Pipeline constructor.

    • ENH(net): public-size _prune_graph() –> Network.prune()`() which can be used to interrogate needs & provides for a given graph. It accepts None inputs & outputs to auto-derive them.

  • FIX(SITE): autodocs API chapter were not generated in at all, due to import errors, fixed by using autodoc_mock_imports on networkx, pydot & boltons libs.

  • enh(op): polite error-,msg when calling an operation with missing needs (instead of an abrupt KeyError).

  • FEAT(CI): test also on Python-3.8

v2.3.0 (24 Nov 2019, @ankostis): Zoomable SVGs & more op jobs

  • FEAT(plot): render Zoomable SVGs in jupyter(lab) notebooks.

  • break(netop): rename execution-method "sequential" --> None.

  • break(netop): move overwrites_collector & method args from netop.__call__() –> cstor

  • refact(netop): convert remaining **kwargs into named args, tighten up API.

v2.2.0 (20 Nov 2019, @ankostis): enhance OPERATIONS & restruct their modules

  • REFACT(src): split module nodes.py –> fnop.py + netop.py and move Operation from base.py –> fnop.py, in order to break cycle of base(op) <– net <– netop, and keep utils only in base.py.

  • ENH(op): allow Operations WITHOUT any NEEDS.

  • ENH(op): allow Operation FUNCTIONS to return directly Dictionaries.

  • ENH(op): validate function Results against operation provides; jetsam now includes results variables: results_fn & results_op.

  • BREAK(op): drop unused Operation._after_init() pickle-hook; use dill instead.

  • refact(op): convert Operation._validate() into a function, to be called by clients wishing to automate operation construction.

  • refact(op): replace **kwargs with named-args in class:FnOp, because it allowed too wide args, and offered no help to the user.

  • REFACT(configs): privatize network._execution_configs; expose more config-methods from base package.

v2.1.1 (12 Nov 2019, @ankostis): global configs

  • BREAK: drop Python-3.6 compatibility.

  • FEAT: Use (possibly multiple) global configurations for all networks, stored in a contextvars.ContextVar.

  • ENH/BREAK: Use a (possibly) single execution_pool in global-configs.

  • feat: add abort flag in global-configs.

  • feat: add skip_evictions flag in global-configs.

v2.1.0 (20 Oct 2019, @ankostis): DROP BW-compatible, Restruct modules/API, Plan perfect evictions

The first non pre-release for 2.x train.

  • BRAKE API: DROP Operation’s params - use functools.partial() instead.

  • BRAKE API: DROP Backward-Compatible Data & Operation classes,

  • BRAKE: DROP Pickle workarounds - expected to use dill instead.

  • break(jetsam): drop “graphtik_` prefix from annotated attribute

  • ENH(op): now operation() supported the “builder pattern” with .operation.withset() method.

  • REFACT: renamed internal package functional –> nodes and moved classes around, to break cycles easier, (base works as supposed to), not to import early everything, but to fail plot early if pydot dependency missing.

  • REFACT: move PLAN and compute() up, from Network --> Pipeline.

  • ENH(NET): new PLAN BUILDING algorithm produces PERFECT EVICTIONS, that is, it gradually eliminates from the solution all non-asked outputs.

    • enh: pruning now cleans isolated data.

    • enh: eviction-instructions are inserted due to two different conditions: once for unneeded data in the past, and another for unused produced data (those not belonging typo the pruned dag).

    • enh: discard immediately irrelevant inputs.

  • ENH(net): changed results, now unrelated inputs are not included in solution.

  • refact(sideffect): store them as node-attributes in DAG, fix their combination with pinning & eviction.

  • fix(parallel): eviction was not working due to a typo 65 commits back!

v2.0.0b1 (15 Oct 2019, @ankostis): Rebranded as Graphtik for Python 3.6+

Continuation of yahoo#30 as yahoo#31, containing review-fixes in huyng/graphkit#1.


  • FIX: multithreaded operations were failing due to shared ExecutionPlan.executed.

  • FIX: pruning sometimes were inserting plan string in DAG. (not _DataNode).

  • ENH: heavily reinforced exception annotations (“jetsam”):

    • FIX: (8f3ec3a) outer graphs/ops do not override the inner cause.

    • ENH: retrofitted exception-annotations as a single dictionary, to print it in one shot (8f3ec3a & 8d0de1f)

    • enh: more data in a dictionary

    • TCs: Add thorough TCs (8f3ec3a & b8063e5).

  • REFACT: rename Delete–>`Evict`, removed Placeholder from data nodes, privatize node-classes.

  • ENH: collect “jetsam” on errors and annotate exceptions with them.

  • ENH(sideffects): make them always DIFFERENT from regular DATA, to allow to co-exist.

  • fix(sideffects): typo in add_op() were mixing needs/provides.

  • enh: accept a single string as outputs when running graphs.

Testing & other code:

  • TCs: pytest now checks sphinx-site builds without any warnings.

  • Established chores with build services:

    • Travis (and auto-deploy to PyPi),

    • codecov

    • ReadTheDocs

v1.3.0 (Oct 2019, @ankostis): NEVER RELEASED: new DAG solver, better plotting & “sideffect”

Kept external API (hopefully) the same, but revamped pruning algorithm and refactored network compute/compile structure, so results may change; significantly enhanced plotting. The only new feature actually is the .sideffect modifier.


  • FIX(yahoo#18, yahoo#26, yahoo#29, yahoo#17, yahoo#20): Revamped DAG SOLVER to fix bad pruning described in yahoo#24 & yahoo#25

    Pruning now works by breaking incoming provide-links to any given intermediate inputs dropping operations with partial inputs or without outputs.

    The end result is that operations in the graph that do not have all inputs satisfied, they are skipped (in v1.2.4 they crashed).

    Also started annotating edges with optional/sideffects, to make proper use of the underlying networkx graph.

    graphtik-v1.3.0 flowchart

  • REFACT(yahoo#21, yahoo#29): Refactored Network and introduced ExecutionPlan to keep compilation results (the old steps list, plus input/output names).

    Moved also the check for when to evict a value, from running the execution-plan, to when building it; thus, execute methods don’t need outputs anymore.

  • ENH(yahoo#26): “Pin* input values that may be overwritten by calculated ones.

    This required the introduction of the new _PinInstruction in the execution plan.

  • FIX(yahoo#23, yahoo#22-2.4.3): Keep consistent order of networkx.DiGraph and sets, to generate deterministic solutions.

    Unfortunately, it non-determinism has not been fixed in < PY3.5, just reduced the frequency of spurious failures, caused by unstable dicts, and the use of subgraphs.

  • enh: Mark outputs produced by Pipeline’s needs as optional. TODO: subgraph network-operations would not be fully functional until “optional outputs” are dealt with (see yahoo#22-2.5).

  • enh: Annotate operation exceptions with ExecutionPlan to aid debug sessions,

  • drop: methods list_layers()/show layers() not needed, repr() is a better replacement.


  • ENH(yahoo#13, yahoo#26, yahoo#29): Now network remembers last plan and uses that to overlay graphs with the internals of the planing and execution: sample graphtik plot

    • execution-steps & order

    • evict & pin instructions

    • given inputs & asked outputs

    • solution values (just if they are present)

    • “optional” needs & broken links during pruning

  • REFACT: Move all API doc on plotting in a single module, split in 2 phases, build DOT & render DOT

  • FIX(yahoo#13): bring plot writing into files up-to-date from PY2; do not create plot-file if given file-extension is not supported.

  • FEAT: path pydot library to support rendering in Jupyter notebooks.

Testing & other code:

  • Increased coverage from 77% –> 90%.

  • ENH(yahoo#28): use pytest, to facilitate TCs parametrization.

  • ENH(yahoo#30): Doctest all code; enabled many assertions that were just print-outs in v1.2.4.

  • FIX: operation.__repr__() was crashing when not all arguments had been set - a condition frequently met during debugging session or failed TCs (inspired by @syamajala’s 309338340).

  • enh: Sped up parallel/multithread TCs by reducing delays & repetitions.


    You need pytest -m slow to run those slow tests.

Chore & Docs:

v1.2.4 (Mar 7, 2018)

  • Issues in pruning algorithm: yahoo#24, yahoo#25

  • Blocking bug in plotting code for Python-3.x.

  • Test-cases without assertions (just prints).

graphtik-v1.2.4 flowchart

1.2.2 (Mar 7, 2018, @huyng): Fixed versioning

Versioning now is manually specified to avoid bug where the version was not being correctly reflected on pip install deployments

1.2.1 (Feb 23, 2018, @huyng): Fixed multi-threading bug and faster compute through caching of find_necessary_steps

We’ve introduced a cache to avoid computing find_necessary_steps multiple times during each inference call.

This has 2 benefits:

  • It reduces computation time of the compute call

  • It avoids a subtle multi-threading bug in networkx when accessing the graph from a high number of threads.

1.2.0 (Feb 13, 2018, @huyng)

Added set_execution_method(‘parallel’) for execution of graphs in parallel.

1.0.4 (Nov 3, 2017, @huyng): Networkx 2.0 compatibility

Minor Bug Fixes:

  • Compatibility fix for networkx 2.0

  • net.times now only stores timing info from the most recent run

1.0.3 (Jan 31, 2017, @huyng): Make plotting dependencies optional

  • Merge pull request yahoo#6 from yahoo/plot-optional

  • make plotting dependencies optional

1.0.2 (Sep 29, 2016, @pumpikano): Merge pull request yahoo#5 from yahoo/remove-packaging-dep

  • Remove ‘packaging’ as dependency

1.0 (Aug 2, 2016, @robwhess)

First public release in PyPi & GitHub.

  • Merge pull request yahoo#3 from robwhess/travis-build

  • Travis build